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0.5 mm Round Silver Easy Solder Wire

0.5mm Round Hallmarkable Easy Silver Solder Wire

This solder is hallmarkable which means that it's Sterling silver grade. All Sterling silver items on which the solder is used would retain their Sterling silver quality. The solder can be used on other non-ferrous metals, like copper, brass, etc.
Important! To use the solder wire you need jewellers gas blow torch. Soldering iron is not adequate for the job as it can't melt the solder. Also, to use the solder you will need flux (Borax, etc.).

  • 925 Hallmarkable
  • Easy silver solder wire
  • Melting temperature range 705c - 723c
  • Fully annealed
  • Size: 10 cm, 25 cm or 100cm (1m) long (please choose from the drop down menu)
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