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42 pc Set of Drum Sanding Wheels T023

Product code: T023

42 pc Set of Drum Sanding kit

Ideal for grinding, sharpening, sanding and rust removal
Compatible with most rotary tools, including Dremel, Silverline, Proxxon, etc.
        • 42 pc grinding stone set
        • Size: 20 x 1/2'' drums(large) & 20 x 1/4'' drums(small)
        • Sanding width of drums: 1/2''
        • Comes with two mandrels - one large and one small (one for each size)
        • Mandrels come with 1/8'' shank (3.17mm)
        • Easy to mount
        • To be used with mini rotary tools (Dremell, Proxxon, etc.)
        • Ideal for grinding/cleaning/sanding metal, brass, plastic, ceramics, wood, etc.
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Product Code T023