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Sterling Silver 5mm Grommet Eyelets

Solid 925 Sterling Silver 5mm Grommet Eyelet!
Our Sterling Silver grommets can be glued into large hole beads toenhance their appearance.

The outer diameter of the part that will be in the bead is approx 5mm.The rim that will be on the outside of the bead is approx 7mm diameter, and thepiece is approx 2.5mm deep. The grommets are hallmarked with 925 on the rim.

  • 100% solid Sterling silver!
  • Sizes: Fits 5mm hole.
  • Made of high quality Sterling silver!
  • Hallmarked with 925 on the rim!
  • Highly polished to shiny gloss finish!
  • FREE postage!

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Brand Unbranded
Condition New